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Are you a photographer looking for a website upgrade? I have the templates for you! Pick the EM Shop Showit template for photographers that fits you best and can show off your amazing work while helping you convert drooling website viewers into paying customers. I’m sharing 5 standout template customizations from 5 amazing photographers all using different EM Shop website templates. 

Curious about Showit and what these templates are? Showit is a website host and website builder that gives you total creative freedom over your website absolutely code-free! The EM Shop templates are PERFECT for photographers who are looking to ditch their current website and start booking ideal clients. Seriously, it’ll feel like you’re just editing in Photoshop. The intuitive interface of Showit allows you to make everything look *exactly* as you wish, as you’ll see in all of these gorgeous sites below!

1. The Nicole Template

Check out Grace Rennaker's showit website designed by Elizabeth McCravy for photographers.

The Nicole template is a long time favorite from EM Shop, and was nominated for Best Premium Showit Template of 2019! This Showit template for photographers is clean, minimal, and feminine. Photographers love this layout for showcasing their work as well as the soft colors and fun typography. 

Want to see this Showit template for photographers in action? Check out Grace Rennaker’s awesome customization. Grace is a senior photographer in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. She beautifully customized her template by swapping out the pastel color palette for a deep and rich color pallet that compliments her brand so well. She has adapted the layout to be functional for her and her services as well as display her work in a way that makes her potential clients dream of working with her!

Shop the Nicole template here!

2. The Jena Template

Check out photographer and educator Stephanie Kase's website customization of the Jena template designed by Elizabeth McCravy.

The Jena template is one of the newest favorites from the EM Shop collection! This stunning, feminine template is sure to capture your potential client’s attention. The pastel color pallete and photo right layout make it a perfect Showit template for photographers. 

Check out Stephanie Kase! See what I mean? Stephanie is an educator and photographer. She customized her Jena template so beautifully — it seriously looks like a custom site! Stephanie swapped the feminine pastels for earth tones that match her photos and represent her business well. She accomplished a cohesive look and made use of the additional bonus sections that come with the Jena template

Hear from Stephanie:

“My favorite part about my website is it looks like a custom website and brand I spent thousands of dollars on it… even though it’s a template. It was SO easy to customize exactly how I wanted it, and have a brand that looks high end and with PERSONALITY. One thing I love about Elizabeth’s templates is how they’re made with conversion in mind. These templates don’t just look pretty, they also help you bring people in and fall in love with you. I truly feel that my new website reflects my personality and my brand so well!”

Shop the Jena template here!

3. The Olivia Template

Photographer Alli Campbell using the Olivia Showit template for photographers designed by Elizabeth McCravy.

The Olivia template was created for photographers. This elegant Showit template showcases a soft color palette with a gorgeous flow and layout that is sure to display any photographer’s work with wonder. The use of white space allows the photos to be a huge focal point for any photographer’s site.

Alli Campbell is using the Olivia template for her photography website and it is stunning! Alli is a photographer, entrepreneur & educator based in Nashville. I have the pleasure of knowing her in real life! She is using soft muted colors in her template to complement her photos and her brand. This Showit template for photographers is perfect for photographers like Alli to display their work like a pro and book clients right away. 

Hear from Alli:

“I bought a template from EM shop knowing I wanted to support Elizabeth’s business when creating my new website. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. Elizabeth is the best out there. Not only do you get a beautifully designed website that is so easy to use. You get Elizabeth. Her course blew me away. I have watched it multiple times in the process of building and designing my website & feel like I have grown as a business owner all while designing a website. I am a very hands-on learner & like to figure things out on my own. But Elizabeth’s course gave me so much useful information that I couldn’t resist learning from her. This was the absolute best purchase I have made for my business.”

Shop the Olivia template here!

4. The Josephine Sales Funnel Kit

Jessica Brees using the Josephine sales funnel designed by Elizabeth McCravy for her photography offers.

Are you looking for a template that will sell your photography offer? Maybe you are creating an online course for photographers or a membership program for your photography community. Perhaps Lightroom presets, anyone? This Josephine sales funnel kit is PERFECT for you! This Showit template for photographers is strategically designed to sell your offers and take out all distractions and second-guessing. You can get to booking clients faster and they know exactly what they are getting! 

Check out Jessica Brees and her beautiful sales funnel! Jessica is a photographer and videographer in Northwest Iowa who is ready to help you with your special day. Jessica customized the Josephine sales funnel for her wedding photography packages. She was able to use this as an add-on template with her current site and create a cohesive look with her fun typography and bold colors! (Yes — you read that right! You can add on the Sales Funnel Kits to your already existing Showit website with ease!)

Hear from Jessica:

“I loved working with this add-on template in general! Purchasing this template was a complete package, with an awesome experience! So much more than just a template code!! Elizabeth put her heart into the extension materials and resources, and it makes a HUGE difference compared to other template purchases I’ve made.”

Shop the Josephine Sales Funnel Kit here!

5. The Maggie Template

Check out Leslie Kerrigan's photography website designed by Elizabeth McCravy for the Showit platform.

Are you looking for a FUN Showit website template designed for photographers? Look no further. The Maggie template from EM Shop is sure to fit your style. This bold template design is full of personality and its bright color pallet is sure to catch the eye of potential customers!

Take a look at Leslie Kerrigan’s customization of the Maggie template. Her bright, fun photos fit perfectly into the space and she has included her own colors really help this website drive home her brand personality. The fun font choices are a great addition to this template and help Leslie feel welcoming and approachable.

Shop the Maggie template here!

Check out these 5 best Showit website templates for photographers designed by Elizabeth McCravy.

Jena Showit website template for photographers designed by Elizabeth McCravy.

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