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When it comes to 5 Logo Design Ideas For 2022, effective communication is the key. Your prospective clients will likely have somewhat shorter attention spans than in recent times. After all, there has been a lot happening in the last year or so.

With that in mind, the trends for the coming year centre on effective, and abbreviated design. So, how can we effectively communicate our brand via our logo? Here are 5 ideas:

K.I.S.S. Your Logo

How many times have you looked at a corporate design, or logo, and wondered: What is the message? If you have, then your prospective clients have too.

As such, the recent, and continuing trend will focus on clean designs. Effective logos and brands have focused on Keeping It Simple and Short. 

Being minimalist doesn’t detract from your message. The skill lies in communicating your message clearly, simply, and in as short a space as possible. The advantage of doing this is attention retention. Not only will your design capture the audiences’ attention, but they will likely also retain that identity for considerably longer.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of ‘cramming’. However, resist the urge. When it comes to Logo and Branding, minimalist will often win the race for effectiveness. Yes, there is a need to convey more than a mission statement, but don’t try to achieve this with your logo. Design a logo that will be remembered, then let your service, products, and communication underline what that logo needs to stand for….Reliability, Trust, and Quality. 

Made By Hand…

Hand drawn, or ‘handmade’ designs are an idea that has seen significant traction in recent times. 

The idea is that rather than try an impersonal connection with your clients, that the Hand aspect of the design creates a personal connection.

The disadvantages to this have been that whilst it is easy to Hand Draw your logo design, getting it digitalised has been somewhat more tricky. Fortunately, where there is a will, there is a way. Vector tracing and scanners have made sure that the skills and results of this endeavour have been successfully transferred onto more digital platforms.

Of course, being successful is not just about having an idea regarding personal connection in design, you will also need to be thoroughly familiar with fonts, typography etc. However, it is worth the endeavour as clients are less and less likely to be ‘sold’ on ideas, and are desiring more intimacy in their connections. This is a trend that will accelerate, in our opinion, during 2022.

Logo Crop.

Little can be the new big, and so it is no wonder that cropping in use in logos is another new and interesting design idea.

The idea is that you can use the philosophy of subtraction to achieve more! Consider it the Haute Cuisine of design. You can deliver less and achieve more, and you would be surprised at how effective cropping can be!

Of course, with any logo design, the aim is to force your way into the conscious, and subconscious of your clients. Cropping has been successful at this. As an example, check out the look that ‘Risca Faca’ have adopted, and then, let your creative juices flow! We predict that Logo Crop will continue to gain traction as a design contender for 2022.

Recycling of Trends

Whilst it is true that ‘nothing is new under the sun’, sometimes that is a good thing. After all, form is temporary, class is permanent!

So, it is no wonder that vintage, or classic logo designs are making a comeback. The advantage of this is that you know it works. Every logo, or brand design has a history of acceptance, or rejection, by it’s audience. As such, you know what to use to build a foundation of trust, loyalty and individuality. Using an established successful design, or basing upon one, can offer some form of surety as to the achieving of your goals.

Photo Textures.

One of the more innovative changes to logo design in recent times is the use of Abstract Photo Textures in Design. 

Why was there a need for this kind of innovation? Well, it adds more personality to your design. It has become harder to find new ideas, just about every type of logo has been thought out, planned..and executed. Abstract textures have added a new field by which your corporate identity can be individualised. It is important that if this is an idea that you will implement, that you implement it quickly..no idea is new forever!

2022…Rise To The Challenge!

So, with next year only a few months away! Now is the time to start planning for the challenge of success. Form the foundation of your success now, and you will have a successful year ahead!

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