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5 best website templates for country artists - Main - Jon Stork As a country band, you probably love getting people up and moving. From booking music festivals to fully engaging fans with your shows, your career is focussed on performing, recording, and promoting your music. 

A country band website will not only help you make a mark on the professional scene, but will also go hand-in-hand with your social media strategy. To create a look and feel that portrays both your music and your personality, choose a country band website template to customize your online presence.

Country band website templates

The best country band websites perfectly portray  the artist. Whether your music brims with positivity, or focusses on heartbreak and sorrow, use that emotion to drive the look and feel of your online presence. 

Using a country band template to create your website is a good place to start. Think of a template like the stage; a set area that you can fill with your presence and personality. A website template will provide a structure and a color palette you can customize, while ensuring that every element on the page is mobile-friendly.

You may already have branding in place, so look for a template that will work with your current images. Then, tailor the look and feel of your site with custom colors, fonts, and layout. Once you’ve chosen a website template for your country band, add pages for your bio, music, upcoming events, and an EPK. 

These 5 country band website templates are great examples that showcase imagery, organized content, and interesting colors to delightfully represent the artist. 

1. An image-driven country band template: Anthem 

There’s nothing more important for conveying your brand than that perfect band photo. Using an image that makes your personality pop off the page is a great way to create a country band website that will instantly appeal to fans and first-time visitors alike.

The Anthem template creates simple symmetry, with your band name in the top left corner mirrored by your website’s menu on the right. The placement of these items means they are both easy to find, on every page, but won’t distract from your content.

Next, your image fills the space front and center, so be sure to choose a photo that conveys your sound and tells your story. You can change out this image with a new album release or to coincide with a tour to give your website a refreshed look.

Simple color choices work well throughout the clean content area of the Anthem template. Use sections with different but coordinated colors, or continue using photos from the same shoot as your main image to create a visually stunning look. 

Make sure you choose a font that is simple, clear, and in high-contrast to the rest of your background for your musician bio. Your imagery will set the scene, and then your text and music will fill in the rest so make it stand out.

The Anthem template works well for a country artist with a big personality and lots of energy. Try it out for your website design if you’re getting your live show off the ground, or already have a set of stunning images to work with.

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5 best website templates for country artists - AnthemArtist using the Anthem template: Gracie Carol

2. A template to tell your story: Entourage

A typical story is read left to right, top to bottom, and that’s exactly how the Entourage website template is structured. 

Your artist name sits at the top left corner of your website, so choose a stylized font or add a logo here to start off your narrative. The website menu sits beneath your name, like a table of contents, letting your visitors know what you’re offering. Next comes your main website image – this image sits in the background of your website pages, so make sure it represents your band at first glance.

This website template comes with a call-to-action on the Homepage, which can be used to direct your visitors’ attention. This is the perfect place to promote your new single, build your mailing list, or sell merch.

To round things out, add a header image that sums up your band. This image is large enough to leave an impression. Choose a high-quality photo suitable to promote your sound. 

The Entourage website template works well for an up-and-coming country band with a story to tell. The extended image space options make it flexible enough for a solo artist or full band.

5 best website templates for country artists - Entourage Artist using the Entourage template: Jon Stork

3. A country band website template with stacked sections: Frontier

Many country artists are known for high-energy performances that spill off the stage. To bring that same sense of bubbly, enthusiastic, foot-stomping rhythm to the web, try the Frontier template.

It features a smooth loading animation as your website loads, creating a look that pulls together quickly to feature a full-width image.

Choose a call-to-action that will help move your music career along, such as highlighting new music. Then, add an image or video header that promotes your live show.

The menu for this website template should be kept simple. Your social media or streaming links will sit across from page names, balancing out your imagery and allowing your fans to find multiple ways to engage with your music.

The Frontier template contains a clean content area, perfect for creating a simple website design that features styled sections. This template converts well to a one-page design, with each section focussed on an element of your website.  Set up your social profile and streaming links, then send that traffic to your website to sell music, merch, and more.

With loads of wide open space and the potential to create a modern one-page site, Frontier is a good bet for a busy band or country artist that needs an online hub to direct their fans. 

5 best website templates for country artists - Frontier Artist using the Frontier template: Katrina Burgoyne

4. A down-to-earth template for country artists: Nadia

Cultivate a sleek sense of style by choosing the structured, stylish Nadia website template for your country band website. This simple yet effective template is a blank canvas to add as much color and customization as you’d like.

Nadia leads the way with a large space for a logo or band name right at the top center, with the menu directly underneath. 

To make the most of this template, add your image first. Then draw inspiration from the colors it contains to set the background and font colors. 

This template lends itself well to an artist with plenty to share. Use a 3 column layout to highlight your news in a blog, with images sitting against the simple background. If you plan to have multiple photo galleries, lots of video content, or an EPK for your music, this is a good template to choose.

The Nadia website template is a good place for a country artist to create their online presence and build from there by adding consistent content. With the spotlight on your artist name and opportunity for a long menu, it’s a great choice to build out fan subscriptions, offer updates, or promote recurring live shows.

5 best website templates for country artists - NadiaArtist using the Nadia website template: Olivia Henken

5. A modern music website template with motion: Meridian

Tailor the Meridian template to reflect your sound by using a full-width image and a stylized logo. Choose from different color overlays to give your website a unique look that your fans will associate with your brand as an artist.

This template also features loading animation, creating a modern look as your name floats in seamlessly above your imagery. Add a band logo here, toggle on the built-in diamond shape, or look for a text style for your website title that will perfectly match your music.

Break up your content area with customized section styles  to give your country band website a modern look and feel. Think of it as a blank canvas to place all of your albums, merch items, and event schedule.

The Meridian template offers a stylized look which works well for a country artist that has already established a following and stays true to their branding. It’s a great canvas for a band with lots of content, from a full discography to a merch store.

5 best website templates for country artists - MeridianArtist using the Meridian template: Matt Butler

Whether you front a country band or are taking time to develop your solo repertoire, a website that contains all of your endeavors and events is a must for every musician. Choose a template that offers flexibility so you can create a customized space for your music and more.

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