When you create a music website, you want to be sure it’s on brand and shows who you are.  Simple, minimalistic design often works well for a music website because it allows the content to shine through. You can cut through the clutter and offer a streamlined way for your fans to support you online. 

Building a minimalist music website is made easier with a template as a starting point, so today we’ll take a look at some examples to inspire you! These website templates all feature design aspects that portray minimalism and are ideal for all musicians, whether they are seasoned performers or just starting out.

1. Duet – a template with balance

Using symmetry to create a harmonious effect is a key element for a minimal website. The Duet template leads the way with a split header image, which is flanked by the artist name and menu at the top. Using simple imagery is an effective way to pull focus to the call-to-action while also pleasing the eye.

To make the most of this template, choose imagery that plays upon this balancing effect. You can select a block of color on the left side, and a complementary image on the right. This image should portray your artistry and musical style as much as possible. Be sure to keep your fonts simple as well to achieve the streamlined effect.

Visual balance is important in making a music website. You want to be sure that you’re coming across as both professional and authentic. This template will help your visitors to see all the content you’ve added with those goals in mind. Once your design is set, make sure your music website is updated with fresh information regularly, as you go about promoting your music online.

2. Pulse – a minimal template featuring typography

Dramatic use of typography is a way to structure your minimal music website around your artist name (aka your brand). The Pulse template emphasizes typography as the website loads, offering smooth animation for whichever font you select to best convey your sound.

As an artist, you may want to embrace an uncluttered look while still infusing energy into your website. With an emphasis on bold typography, the minimal Pulse template offers a chance to do just that. 

Build upon the tone set by your type throughout your music website by adding horizontal features in the content on your Homepage. This could include a ‘Track List’ music player, side by side images, or a ’Text and Image’ feature displaying a short bio.

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3. Frontier – a minimal template with whitespace

A minimal website template should include whitespace – also called “breathing room.” Less can be more in order to play up your strengths on your website. The Frontier template features full-width sections and includes lots of room for content while also including plenty of room for space.

Focussing on the empty space around the content will make your music, images, and text come more fully to life. You can still add sections with your musician bio, your music for sale, and your contact information – but be mindful that too much clutter will impede your visitor from finding what they’re looking for. 

Using less will also engage your fans more fully. You can control your narrative by adding the most important content in a way that won’t get lost in a newsfeed. Surrounded by whitespace, your music, images, and text will feel more impactful.

4. Nadia: monochromatic minimalism

Less is more in terms of the color scheme with this minimal music website template. It also incorporates balance between the artist name and main image. Stacking sections will create a flow that allows your overall website to be navigated with ease.

One of the advantages to creating a minimal website is that you can really focus on your goal. If that’s to make money as a musician, selling band merch online is a good place to start. As part of this, consider using the Nadia template as a starting point for your website store. 

You can place your merch items into a grid-style layout which will pair beautifully with the structured rectangles at the top. This creates focus for your merch and a visually pleasing effect that will portray your professionalism as a musician as well.

5. Marquee – a template with contrast

Another aspect of minimalism that comes into play for musicians is drawing attention to different design elements through boldness. The Marquee template defaults include contrasting space for your artist name, a call-to-action to promote an upcoming release or event, as well as a menu bar. Choose a subtle, or stand-out image to sit behind this area for maximum effect, spending on your musical style.

This minimal template will work well for a musician looking to create an enticing EPK for their music. A digital press kit is made up of multiple elements that need to work together as a whole to showcase an artist’s music, promotional photos, and accomplishments. Using bold titles and contrasting colors against a plain background will emphasize the parts of an EPK to make up the whole.

Marquee is a minimal template that is also ideal for record labels, as it offers a good menu for artist drop-down pages and an open content area.

A website template is just a starting point for you to add your content and customize the look until it matches your music. Paring things down with a minimal music website means you’ll not only have more time to focus on playing and promoting your music, but you’ll have a streamlined web presence that will draw your fans in and make them stay for more.

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