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If you are looking for the best medical website template, you are on the right page! Nowadays, the internet is a part of our lives. According to statistics, more than 70% of adults in the USA go online every day. No matter if they need food, clothing, rest or medical treatment, the first thing that comes to their mind is to check the company’s website. People usually visit these sites to get information about doctors, schedule, medical information and healthcare institutions. Here we will provide you with the list of top 40 Best HTML5 Health and Medical Website Templates for Clinics, Doctors, Dentists and More 2021. Such websites are usually used by people that are in need. Therefore, they should be user friendly and easy to use. It is important to choose the right WordPress theme for your best medical website. These unique medical website templates will bring more clients to your business. You will definitely gain new patients with any of these medical templates.

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MediKal-Medical Angular Template

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This professional ready-made is a real catch for those who prefer minimalism and want to find a great medical website template for their clinic or other healthcare institution. This web solution lets your content stand out from your competitors. You can save your time and effort while getting a perfect result with top-notch features included in the package. These features include:

  • Built on Angular 11.
  • Responsive in any device.
  • Smooth transition effects.
  • Clean coding.
  • Bootstrap (v4.6.0)
  • Google Font and Icon used.
  • Simple Client-side Routing (page-based).
  • Integrated With IcoFont and FlatIcon.

ModernClinic – Medical Clinic Responsive HTML Website Template

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Create a fully-fledged online source for your company. It is multipurpose and suits many medical sectors, starting from ordinary clinics to narrow-focused specialists. ModernClinic comes in a set with several header versions, making the theme suitable for any other business field. You only have to change the header style. The key features also include:

  • Photo gallery modules;
  • “About us” section;
  • Drop-down list with prices, etc.

Visage – Plastic Surgery Clinic Website Template

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This particular medical website template is a must-have for any reputable plastic surgery clinic. It is clean and elegant, with a nice and calm background tone. It’s understandable what this medical template is all about. Visage is for clinics that want to treat their patients well. It does have the Parallax scrolling effect with gives an additional impression about your site. With this outstanding template, you can build your own dream website. With the help of fixed mega menu bar on the top, people will navigate your website without experiencing issues. There are a lot of different layouts that you can choose from. Each customer will be able to login to their account and schedule an appointment with the doctor they need. There will be a special menu where you can select your very best doctor. The contact us menu will help your clients to get hold of your company within a couple moments. If you have made up your mind and are ready to achieve new levels in the plastic surgery industry, don’t hesitate to take this path and get a Visage – Plastic Surgery Clinic Website.

Weight loss

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If you are addicted to sport and are in to losing weight, Weight Loss health template is the way to go. You also may consider this template as a multipurpose one. A lot of people feel stressed, lonely and unhappy because of their extra weight. These guys need help and want someone to believe in them. This easy to navigate template has a green background which motivates you to eat healthy food. It does have over 35 ready to go HTML5 pages which you can choose from. With the help of five blog layouts, you can make your stories more interesting and eye-catching. Besides all these features and benefits, you will be able to make money. Weight Loss has also an e-commerce page template. You can list your products that are on sale and motivate people. People will be able to check out your exercise programs, routine programs and nutrition strategy. With the help of news and articles, you will keep your readers entertained. Customers will be able to easily get in touch with you through a contact us form at the bottom of the page. They can also subscribe to a monthly newsletter web form. Video player will allow you to share your videos and get people more into losing weight and spending more time on your site. Just remember that some of the forms included may require additional scripts and database functionality.

Family Doctor – Medical Consulting Multipage HTML5 Website Template

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Citizens of each community need a well-educated and reputable doctor. Professional healthcare is necessary to keep you and your family happy. Here we present you one of the best HTML5 templates for doctors. If your patients need to set up an appointment and read documentation, or they need 24/7 support, they will be on the right page at any time. With the help of different Google Fonts, you can make a unique website. In addition, you will get over 20 ready-made HTML5 pages, such as: hospital website template, doctors website template, medical landing page, doctor appointment template, etc. It is definitely worth investing your money into this fully responsive and mobile device friendly theme.

Medical Service Multipage HTML5

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This hospital template was created by some truly talented developers and web designers. It has ultra-responsive layouts, cool effects, cross-browser compatibility, dropdown menu and even more! Thanks to a special booking form that will allow you to keep record of each person that sets up an appointment with one of your reputable doctors. Patients can subscribe to news and upcoming events through the newsletter subscription function. You may consider this particular medical template to be a multipage HTML template because it has a huge set of UI elements and blocks. Over 25 different ready-made HTML5 pages will allow you to select desirable design. Your doctors will be able to write their own blog, so patients will follow them. Noticeable and cool CSS3 animation effects and transitions will make navigation on your website easier and more comfortable. Feedback is important; that’s why all patients and visitors will be able to spread the word about your company.

Vetcare – Vet Clinic Multipage HTML5 website template

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No matter if you are sick or healthy, you should always remember those who can’t go to hospital. Yeah, you are right – I’m talking about our lovely pets! We have created this outstanding healthcare website template for those who love animals. This multipage HTML template works perfectly on your phone or computer. It does not matter if you are visiting the template from iOS, android or any other mobile device because we guarantee that your template will work perfectly anywhere online. There is a huge set of blocks that is included for free to put the right information in the right place. You can choose between a great selection of images, and multiple gallery types such as Grid, masonry, and cobbles. Vetcare has a very SEO friendly code. It’s important to always have 24/7 premium support, so we’ve included it for you also. Slideshows and cool effects will make your medical webpage number one in the industry.

Health Shop – Multipurpose eCommerce website template

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If you are looking for a good selling machine for your products, you’ve just found one! The health store multipurpose e-commerce HTML template will satisfy your needs. Basically, it is all you need if you are planning to start selling what you are knowledgeable about. Your hobby will become your business and even more! It has a lot of medical design templates. Users from across the world will be able to access your store because this template can work on any browser. Revolution slider will add an additional charm to the look of your site. This fully responsive template is mobile ready, which is important nowadays. For you, as an owner of this template, it will be easy to maintain and customize it. This eCommerce website template has a great selection of different pages (blog, home page, contact us, etc.) You will have a possibility of getting images from Photodune and Shutterstock.

BeDentist Website Template

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According to statistics, each year, people are paying more attention to their teeth. Therefore, no matter if you are a dentist or you just own a dental clinic, BeDentist website template will help you make your customers happy. We have included medicine templates for you. We bet you will notice our responsive layout that was built with Bootstrap 3.3. The mobile version of this template will allow your patients to book an appointment while they are on their way to work or home, or when they are on their vacation and without access to a computer. Rich UI kit will provide you with more opportunities. Ajax search makes it easy not to get the info that you are looking for in just a couple touches of your keyboard. Various header and footer layouts will make your website look cool. With an online chat feature, you can answer any question online. Newsletter subscription, contact form and search form are also included in this template.

DentaKids Website template

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Kids are our future and they should be treated well. That’s why we created this innovative multipage HTML template. There are a lot of great medical website examples that were built with the help of our template. To make the template look stylish, nice images were included in the download package. Over 20 contrastive HTML5 pages have a variety of special pages and different elements. The Contact form that is also available will bring the relations between you and your little patients to a higher level. It has W3C valid, well commented code. We made sure that you will get a responsive medical template.

Teeth Whitening website template

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As we have mentioned previously, more people are paying attention to their teeth. Tooth whitening has become popular. This site will work quickly on both your phone, tablet or PC. All images and blocks are fully adjustable. The only limit is just your imagination. All we want to do is to present the important information in appropriate and untestable way. That’s why we have created a great slider. Color theme switcher will let you make your site in the colors you like. If you already have a corporate color, it is easy to create your site according to these preferences. Google Maps feature will let everyone know where you are and what the best and fastest way is to get to your clinic. For the long webpages, we have included a back to top button.

Medical Equipment Website Template

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Each doctor needs special tools. So, we did not forget about that and we created a new and redesigned medical equipment website template. Parallax effect will create a 3D effect as you scroll the page. It provides you with a special effect while you are navigating your site. With this template, each of your clients will be able to contact their doctor by filling in the contact us form

Perfecto – Plastic Surgery Website Template

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We all have those little imperfections that some people decide to change one day. If you are a well-educated plastic surgeon, or if you already have your own clinic, this plastic surgery website template has all you need! This hospital website template meets the highest criteria in the industry. With such a responsive medical website template, you will convert more visitors to happy customers. No matter where you are from, it will work just perfect on any of your gadgets. The portfolio is the face of a company, and we all want to keep it nice and clean. Therefore, we have created a before and after photo gallery. Your clients will be able to see how you turned their dreams into a reality. If you want to have better SEO ratings, choose Perfecto. All your visitors will be impressed with its loading speed, parallax effects and more.

Samson Website Template

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A lot of men around the globe suffer from hair loss. If you can help them, you definitely need to take a look at this amazing medical website template. During the last five to seven years, there has been a revolution in the hair recovery industry. More and more people want to get their hair back again. Either you have a huge hospital or just a small private clinic, this multipurpose HTML health template will work for you either way. With the help of the slider option, your patients will be able to see the process of the hair recovery under your guidance. You can choose between different footer layouts. News, Contacts, Services, and About Us are important pages as well; that’s why we put them right on the top of the page. You can also select from a lot of blog layouts to create your very own and informative blog. Keeping in touch with your clients is important. The easy to fill Contact Us form will arrange the correspondence between you and those people who are looking for help. Setting up an appointment will not be a problem anymore. At the same time, it is a W3C Valid, well commented and SEO friendly code.

Medina – Diagnostic Center Multipage HTML Website Template

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Tooth pain is probably one of the worst things in life. Especially when our kids have it. All parents want their kids to be healthy and take care of their teeth from the beginning of their lives. We have created this client-oriented, well-designed and responsive template. That’s why this pediatric dentistry website template is doomed to success. This outstanding medical template will have a click to top menu. You can have as much information listed as possible, and it will still be easy to navigate your site. Contact form is one thing that everyone should pay attention to. With the Google Maps feature, it is very easy to get directions and navigation right to your door. We have also included Google fonts in the template. All PSD files will be fully customizable. Pediatric Dentistry Website Template is designed with valid, semantic HTML5 code. Your site will have better SEO ratings and more visitors.

Physiotherapy Website Template

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Each of us needs help with achieving our goals. Whether it is in sport or in everyday life, everyone wants to be taken care of. With this well-designed medicine template, you will go to a new level in the physiotherapy business. News and events option will inform all your followers about your latest achievements. It features a theme color switcher that helps you create your own and unique designed website. CSS3, HTML 5, JQuery, Semantic code, and Valid coding are just some of the available coding options. Dropdown menu will redirect you to the correct page in just a couple moments. Everyone will stay in touch with you personally with the help of our subscription form that comes with this package.

Private Independent Pharmacy Website Template

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All people want to be ensured that you offer the highest level of service to every one of them. If your goal is to provide the most money efficient and convenient access medicines, this health template will be all you need. You will be able to provide reliable and personal service. Thanks to customizable design, this template will allow you to create the best medical website of your dream. Online chat feature will make the correspondence between you and your clients more efficient. Parallax effect will make spending time on your website more comfortable. English language support makes it easy to maintain your source. Having travel health advice information on your website shows that you do care about your patients. It is so important to be a little more than just a doctor. Building relationship with your client will only bring you more opportunities.

Women’s Consulting Website Template

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If you are a professional gynecologist, this HTML5 doctors template will work out for you just perfect! If it is your mission to help little kids come into our world, you will find this website template suitable for you. The color theme makes you feel warm. You can choose between different color themes (for example, you might prefer corporate colors). User friendly Contact Us form and Google Maps option makes it easier for you to keep in touch. We have fixed all imperfections and small bugs just to ensure you are getting the perfect template.

Herbal Responsive Website Template

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Mother nature treats everyone equally. Even in ancient times, human beings collected different herbs and used them in different situations. A lot of people believe that all products that are marked natural are good and safe for them. You may be interested in this medical template if gathering herbs is your hobby. It would be really cool to convert your hobby into a business. The opportunity you have to choose from different themes will make your medical webpage noticeable and interesting. No matter which browser you use, it will work on all of them. You will be able to share some personal tips and tricks with those who are on the same wave as you are. Use Google Maps in your template will show everyone your location.

Pharmacy – Medical Multipage HTML5 Website Template

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We all know what it takes to get better while you are sick. New infections that are discovered worldwide bring new problems to our society. Such a perfectly designed multipage HTML template is ready to use. With over 30 readymade HTML5 pages, you can create the most responsive medical webpage. A pack of pictures with a great selection of medical themes is included! You can even sell products on your website. We already built in the e-commerce page template for you. You will find these medical website themes useful while creating your best HTML website. Having a blog option on your site will help other people share their thoughts. If you are looking for a template with a variety of working forms, a great gallery, online chat and other cool features, look at Pharmacy – Medical Multipage HTML5 Website Template.

Sensiv – Responsive Health and Medical Website Template

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We know that all reputable medical and health care companies require a website. In the 21st century, a website is an important part of your success. With such a great medical landing page template, you can build a friendly homepage. All documentation files will be included for easy adjusting and editing. The included eCommerce page will pay off your bills or become a part of your business. Doctors will be able to write different articles in built-in blog pages. The fully responsive design will make content on your website easy to read. There are a lot of amazing medical website examples that were built on our healthcare website templates. Getting an appointment will not be a problem anymore. In just four simple steps, each person will be able to book an appointment with their dedicated doctor.

Medical – Private Medical Center Multipage Website Template

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It is cool to have one hospital where you can get the best assistance in the world. Not all people can afford private medicine, but for those who can, we have made a very special medical website design template. Very smooth and calm color themes give people an additional impression while browsing your website. The template’s cross-browser compatibility makes it easy to navigate the template. Such a wonderful multipage HTML template has different layouts – creative, full width or modern. You will find them attractive and eye catching. A huge set of blocks puts information right in front of the potential client. All available departments will have their own section on your website. Medical is a universal medical template that can be used in any hospital. The template’s Google Maps feature will show directions, and the Contact Us form provides you with an emergency number.

Alpha Health – Counseling Responsive Website Template

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Sometimes people need assistance urgently. With Alpha Health website template, your customers will get a 24-hour online service. Booking appointments will become easy to do. The welcome page with its warm color themes give an additional impression. No matter your illness, you will be able to request assistance through the template. Each patient can leave a feedback on your page. Younger people are more likely to visit your website from their cellphone. So, we made sure the template is fully responsive. This will add more visitors to your website. The template’s SEO friendly code allows you to design Alpha Health more easily. The contact form at the bottom of the page will be a great help to you and your patients. Also, we didn’t forget to provide you with a library of fonts that are easy to use.

Optometrist Website Template

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Our world is beautiful. Planet earth has a lot of things to show. However, no one is perfect, and some of us need to solve people’s visual problems. Specially for this particular case, we created an all new optometrist website template. This doctor website template will show your professionalism and skills. The template’s gentle design welcomes visitors to your site. The contact us form makes it much easier for patients to get in touch with you. You can post your own thoughts, achievements or goals in your personal blog. All the pictures will be stored in the gallery, where visitors can view them. Dropdown menu, back to top button, Google web fonts, and live search are key parts of the best doctor’s website template.

Acupuncture Clinic Website Template

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To have success in life, you should be both physically and mentally strong. According to statistics, more and more people each year are trying alternative medicine. Acupuncture clinic website template has a soft and warm colored website theme. Visitors will improve their mood by reading your blog. It can also be done through a phone or tablet. The fully responsive medical website template with parallax effect will always be on top in Google search. The easy-to-fill contact form will inform you about any new messages received. To make you completely happy, we included 7-15 high-resolution stock photos with free life-time usage, in the template. Any questions that may appear from your end will be answered promptly by our support team.

Pure Vision Website Template

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If taking care of vision is your profession, look at this outstanding doctor template. Out of a great selection of medical website templates, this particular one specializes in providing treatment for your eyes. With a 100% responsive design, even kids and students will be able to use their mobiles to set up an appointment for a school eye test. Clean design and the slider option on the top make your website easy to navigate. Any ongoing offers will be presented directly on your homepage. The latest news section will keep everyone informed. Direct link to your company’s social media pages will be located at the bottom of the page for easy access.

Pediatrician Website Template

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One of the best HTML doctors templates is right in front of you. Its friendly home page will automatically satisfy your potential clients. We have checked multiple medicine templates online and came up with our very special HTML and CSS website template. Theme color switcher will make design selection on your template much easier. You can also rely on us if you need help 24/7. The home page can be easily edited with your own information. The opportunity to write articles on your website gives you another opportunity to make your source interesting. Since Pediatrician Website Template is a private HTML5 doctors template, all your personal information such as phone, address, name and email can be located at the bottom of your homepage.

Chiropractic – Alternative Medicine Website Template

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Alternative medicine is becoming increasingly popular. Sitting in a chair in the office each day affects people’s backs. So, spinal therapy is going to be an interesting topic to discuss with your potential clients. Here we can offer you Chiropractic – Alternative Medicine Website Template. One of the best healthcare templates will provide you with perfect workability on different mobile devices. Such a beautiful multipage template will be easy to customize and make some changes. Over 35 readymade HTML5 pages will show departments, timetable, grid gallery, careers, etc. Appointment manager will be an extra help in planning your day. Block type gallery can show all the pictures in just one screen. The variety of layouts makes it look unique and fresh.

Medicative Medical Website Template

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If you are the best doctor in your area and you still don’t have a website, you called the right place! Let us introduce Medicative Medical Website Template. The blue and white color theme looks nice and clean. It shows the correct information in the right spot. All the documents can be stored as well. We keep all your information secure. The huge selection of Google fonts can change the whole design of your website. The template is JS, HTML5 and CSS3 compatible. Simple and easy navigation redirects your visitor to the correct page in just a couple of seconds. Also, you can choose any color theme with this template. Each team member of your hospital will have their own page with which they can write a blog. A live demo of your potential website is available for free. Gallery will show all your happy patients and show that you do care about each of them.

Life Line Hospital and Health Website Template

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We have now shown you 30 wonderful medical website templates. However, that’s not all, yet. If you provide total health solutions, this template is just for you. Heart surgery, emergency care or dental care; either of these can be put on your website. General medicine and medical research will be described in your blog. Dozens of motivational pictures will fulfil all your ideas. Visitors can book an appointment with a special tool on your website. It’s so easy to use that even older people can get to their doctor on time. What if you have not just one hospital? You can show all of them in Google Maps, which is integrated into the template. A direct link to your Instagram account will also show recently posted pictures. Opening hours, contact us, useful links and important information are right next to each other. Retina-friendly responsive medical website will look terrific on any device.

Terra – Psychologist Responsive Website Template

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All successful and rich people get stressed. That’s why they need a private psychologist. If you are one of them, we recommend you look at this health template. Providing quality mental healthcare for everyone will be easier with the help of your website. People in need will be able to find their own professional therapist. Very soft and tender color themes will not disturb. Reading also helps while you are having some psychological issues. Grid blog will be one of the tools to help with that. Cross-browser compatibility ensures that your users will not face any problems while being on your website. It’s always nice to receive an inspirational letter, even though its via email. The working newsletter subscription form will help you convey information. Gallery types can be selected out of grid, masonry, cobbles.

Cosmetic Dentistry Website Template

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Some people want to change their teeth. A professional dentist like you should look at our cosmetic website template. People are looking for a smile that will turn everyone’s head. Therefore, we built this SEO friendly code template. To avoid unwanted emails, we attached an easy-to-fill contact form. You will not get tons of spam in your work email any more. All the pictures can be adjusted to any resolution without loss of quality. Even on a high-resolution Retina display, your website will look just perfect! All PSD files were optimized and fully customizable. Building a great relationship with your client with have included your team members page. It’s so important to treat each client as a welcome guest. Pricing tables and online chat shows that you care about all your patients. Also available to use is the newsletter subscription form which is an important part of your online marketing.

Nursing Agency Website Template

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Older people that are in need should be provided with a special service and treatment. There are a lot of nursing agencies nationwide that were made specially for such purposes. It’s ok to get old; everyone does. With our nursing agency website template, we want to show that we care about these people as much as you do. Created by our best designers, this medical website template makes you fill like you are at home. The template works great on any mobile device, laptop or tablet. Aged people don’t need a lot of info, different blocks, small pictures and useless info. We put the five most important subjects on top of the page, such as home, about us, services, resources, and contact us. These pages will allow visitors to navigate easily. Your location will be shown down below on Google Maps.

Hair Transplant Clinic Website Template

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Over the last 5-10 years’, the hair transplantation business has become more profitable. This medical landing page will show great examples of your work. The feedback page is going to ensure your future patients that they can rely on you. Fully customizable design and valid code will help you build your doctors website. Your services and prices will be right on the header for easy access. Designed to meet all the latest standards and criteria, the gallery will show your achievements in the hair transplant industry. All your happy customers will write their own “story of my life” and share their thoughts and feelings on your website. Address and direct contact information will be shown at the bottom of the page. Links to your social media pages will be accessible as well.

Medical Training School Website Template

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Designed in the first responder’s colors, your website will become more popular. The knowledge that your school provides will eventually save somebody’s life. Stop spending countless hours online searching for your template – we already have a solution for you. This customizable template will allow you to create original layouts. With our template, you get a beautiful font age as we as other features and benefits. You will be highly satisfied with our services. The contact form will address all possible questions directly to your personal email box. The dropdown menu will show all available courses and classes. Latest news in the healthcare technics can be published on your website and easily found by clicking on a news button.

Cancer Center Website Template

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Cancer is probably the worst disease in the world that scientists still can’t beat. In the US. cancer is the second most common cause of death. Thousands of people die from cancer each year around the world. There are a lot of clinics that provide cancer care and treatment. Choose the right template. It’s also important to provide medical inspiration on your website. The easy to navigate layout will point you in the right direction. The anonymous contact form will give everyone the ability to ask for help. Semantic HTML coding will provide additional information about your document. Even if you went further and are already doing research on cancer, you will have a special page where you can share everything that you have found out so far. It is so important to know how to prevent cancer, and providing educational and training programs on your website will be one of the key tools.

Weight Loss Website Template

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Extra weight usually means extra problems. Each extra muffin that you eat may reflect your health. Living healthily has become popular, and there are a lot of different ways to lose weight. If you already have experience in losing weight or you are just a sport-addicted person who is ready to help, you will find this health website template very interesting. The welcome page greets everyone with motivational phrases and pictures. The 100% responsive design allows you to read the website’s content while you are on the go. Make your own life story website yours! Share about your nutrition, diets, exercises and more. Writing in your own blog gives you more visitors, followers and likeminded people. Everyone will have the possibility to ask you a question with an easy to use contact us form.

Ambulance Responsive Website Template

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It is very important to get help in the first couple minutes after you get injured. Not all the areas are covered by governmental ambulance services. For those who want extra and quicker help, we created this responsive website template. The primary phone number will be located right in the middle of the homepage. Whether your website is used by a kid or an older person, there will be no issues at all. This is probably the most beautifully designed ambulance website. The template comes with different layouts. Let people know that you hire professionals like yourself by directing them to the top of the page where they can click the career button. More detailed contact information will be located at the top right corner of the website.

Pregnancy Responsive Website Template.

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We want to introduce you to Pregnancy Responsive Website Template. Helping women to give birth is a noble profession. This friendly and remarkable design will take its own spot in your memories. You will be able to share your own tips during this very special period of a woman’s life. Different courses that are offered by your clinic will be kindly stored in their own section. Information represented in blocks is the most sufficient and useful. To make your life easier and to avoid any misunderstandings, list all the frequently asked questions and answers to them. Contact us form will give you the right to ask that specific question that anyone might come up with. We recommend you take a look at this template if you want to guide women to a healthy pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the templates above, we also offer over 130 different hospital, medical, health or home care medical templates. Here at TemplateMonster, we have a team of professionals and enthusiasts that love what they do. As you can tell, our passion for what we do reflects the quality of our products. We created this top 40 list just for you to get a bit more concentrated and detailed information about what we do. So, don’t hesitate to make proper investments in your future best medical website!

TOP 40 HTML5 Health and Medical Website Templates 2021

Template Name Theme Provider Template Category Price
Visage – Plastic Surgery Clinic Website Template ZEMEZ Plastic Surgery Templates $72
Weight Loss Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Weight Loss Templates $72
Family Doctor – Medical Consulting Multipage HTML5 Website Template ZEMEZ Psychologist Templates $75
Hospital – Medical Service Multipage HTML5 Website Template ZEMEZ Medical Equipment Templates $72
Vetcare – Vet Clinic Multipage HTML5 Website Template ZEMEZ Dog Templates $75
Health Shop – Multi Purpose eCommerce Website Template webstrot Drug Store Templates $72
BeDentist Website Template ZEMEZ Dentistry Templates $72
DentaKids Website Template ZEMEZ Medical Templates $75
Teeth Whitening Website Template ZEMEZ Dentistry Templates $69
Medical Equipment Website Template ZEMEZ Medical Equipment Templates $69
Perfecto – Plastic Surgery Website Template WT Plastic Surgery Templates $75
Samson Website Template ZEMEZ Hair Clinic Templates $75
Medina – Diagnostic Center Multipage HTML Website Template ZEMEZ Psychologist Templates $59
Physiotherapy Website Template ZEMEZ Rehabilitation Templates $69
Private Independent Pharmacy Website Template WT Drug Store Templates $69
Women’s Consulting Website Template ZEMEZ Pregnancy Templates $69
Herbal Responsive Website Template WT Herbal Templates $69
Pharmacy – Medical Multipage HTML5 Website Template ZEMEZ Psychologist Templates $72
Clinic – Medical Service Multipage HTML5 Website Template ZEMEZ Psychologist Templates $72
Sensiv – Responsive Health And Medical Website Template Hashtheme Psychologist Templates $72
Medical – Private Medical Center Multipage Website Template ZEMEZ Psychologist Templates $72
Alpha Health – Counseling Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Counseling Templates $75
Optometrist Website Template WT Optometrist’s Templates $69
Acupuncture Clinic Website Template WT Medical Templates $69
Pure Vision Website Template WT Optometrist’s Templates $69
Pediatrician Website Template WT Pediatrician Templates $69
Chiropractic – Alternative Medicine Website Template ZEMEZ Medical Templates $72
Medicative Medical Website Template rewebso Dentistry Templates $72
Life Line Hospital and Health Website Template webstrot Doctor $75
Terra – Psychologist Responsive Website Template ZEMEZ Psychologist Templates $75
Cosmetic Dentistry Website Template WT Dentistry Templates $69
Nursing Agency Website Template WT Medical Templates $69
Hair Transplant Clinic Website Template WT Hair Clinic Templates $69
Medical Training School Website Template WT Ambulance Templates $69
Cancer Center Website Template WT Medical Templates $69
Weight Loss Website Template WT Weight Loss Templates $69
Ambulance Responsive Website Template WT Ambulance Templates $75
Pregnancy Responsive Website Template WT Pregnancy Templates $69

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