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Most musicians are ever-changing creatures, evolving creatively with musical and career progressions. It’s important to stay on top of trends, keeping your music current with your fans and followers, while also staying true to yourself.

Whether it’s for a new album, new sound, or a new season, sometimes giving your band website a new look can feel just right. It’s also a good excuse to give your band website a thorough check-over and update anything that became outdated while you were booking shows, performing, recording, or writing. 

Keeping your website fresh is a key element in promoting your music to industry professionals and to fans alike. With this in mind, we’ve created a ton of updated website templates, making it easier than ever for you to update your look as you market new music, embark on a tour, or just carve out a more stylish space for yourself online.

60 templates for folk music

Folk musicians paint a picture with their words and melodies. Use your music website to similarly illustrate how you’d like to be perceived by your fans, conference goers, media, and music career professionals. 

From the get-go you can choose a folk music website template that reflects your story, and customize the colors, sections, and fonts to bring your vision to life.

Effective imagery is a key way to visually convey your sound, and this holds especially true for folk musicians. To keep with design trends, we’ve added to and updated 60 of our templates to suit folk musicians specifically: from designs for singer-songwriters to bluegrass balladeers, these starting styles will get your website off the ground quickly.

All Bandzoogle templates offer ‘neutral’ versions which will work well for many singer-songwriters and folk bands. Featuring simple and classic colors, these folk music templates are paired with clean, streamlined fonts to elevate your design in just a few steps.

While you can always choose a theme without photos, these templates draw strong attention to imagery. This allows your images to pull visitors into your website, where you can round out your style using your custom color scheme or select from the modern palettes provided.

Create a folk music website design

To get started with your folk music website, determine what you’ll need from it. Is your primary purpose to create an online space for several years’ worth of albums? Or are you hoping to crowdfund a new album? Or have you booked several months of shows that you’d like to promote to fans?

Once you’ve decided on your website’s current goal, sketch out how many pages you’ll need. As a rule of thumb, a basic folk band website will include 5-7 pages. At minimum, you’ll want to add a Home page, an About page, a Music page, Shows, an EPK, and a Contact page. From there, you can expand into selling music or merch on a Store page, and add dedicated pages for photos, videos, crowdfunding, or fan subscriptions.

Choosing preset pages will help you create your website quickly. If you prefer to build each page from a blank slate, you can add features one at a time to lay out your site’s pages manually. If you’ve chosen to add a lot of content, you can break up the page into styled sections, each with its own background and font color to create visual groupings.

Then, fill in the design around your content. Pull a few hues from your main image to create a visual flow between your page backgrounds, and add as many images as you can to give your site visual interest – try using images as section backgrounds, as well! Update the content font color to stand out well against your background colors, and add a few titles to draw attention to your releases, shows, and videos.

Build a music website that’s mobile-friendly and easy to customize! Design a website with Bandzoogle today.

75 templates for rock bands

When you build a rock band website, you want to create branding that suits your sound right off the bat. Rock music spans a broad scope of styles, and with that in mind we’ve created 75 new versions of our rock templates to offer you many more starting options. 

From funk to punk, and alternative edges to  ​​classic rock ‘n’ roll, these templates keep things pretty easy for you to choose a look that you like, then fill in the blanks with your professional images and content to create a look that’s all yours.

Create a rock band website design

To decide on a look for your website, first consider your imagery. If you primarily play live, choose a template with a wide image area to add a high-energy photo from your show. If your songs lean into punk or metal, you may want to go for a more subdued look with just your band name in text at the top. Choose a template with a horizontal menu to be sure it’ll fit all of the pages you’ll be adding.

A typical rock band website features 6-8 pages. This can vary depending on the purpose of your website – but whether you play covers or are planning to get on the festival circuit, your website should feature a homepage that introduces your project to the public. 

You’ll also want to add an About page, a Music page, an Events page, a Store page, an EPK and a Contact page. You could expand on this with more pages showing your setlists, custom quotes, or FAQs if you offer different services as well.

Getting content on these pages is the important next step. Once you’ve decided what elements each page will contain, move your features around to make sure they look good. An Image and Text feature, for example, is a streamlined way to spruce up your band bio page. If you have merch to sell, a Store feature in grid format will lay out your products cleanly on the page.

Next, take a look at each page to see if it appears cluttered. This is especially important on an EPK page – your electronic press kit might contain a lot of quotes, news, links to reviews, stage plots, and songs, and that can easily become too busy. Pare it down to the most important items, or start with an EPK page template to be sure you’re hitting all the highlights without creating a page that’s too cumbersome to scan.

Finally, tweak the design elements that’ll set your website’s primary goal. Many rock bands have a focus on getting booked, so you could add a site-wide footer with a contact form and social media icons. If you’ve just released a new album, use that imagery and the colors it contains to create a cohesive look throughout your website, plus a call-to-action on the Home page. 

115 templates for country artists

As country music grows in popularity, so does the need to create a presence online that will help your music reach a wider audience. We’ve added a brand new ‘Country’ category to our theme chooser, offering  over 100 templates, and placed new country-themed stock images in the site editor to help you build your design.

One way to focus your country music website design is to choose a template with a wide open space for your image. Whether it’s on the side, at the top, or a full page background, this focal image will help cement your branding. 

Create a country music website design

Use your template as an opportunity to think about how you’d like to be seen. While your music tells a story, the colors and fonts you choose for your template set a visual tone – you want to be sure that these line up with each other and with the artist branding you may have already created through social media.

To kick off your website’s design, first determine its purpose. This will likely rely on where you are in your career; If you’re just starting out with writing and recording music and are looking to book shows, create a website that acts as an EPK for your music. If you’ve already built a following and need space online to display multiple albums, band bios, and merch,  start with something simple that can hold lots of content.

Whether you create a full website with multiple pages or set up a one-page website that scrolls, choosing the right country artist template will dictate how your website is perceived. A side-set menu bar with an image as the background is a great choice for a solo country singer. With a full band behind you, choose a simple background in the ‘elegant’ category to start off.

With a country music website you’ll want the colors to stand out, keeping  that vibe consistent throughout your pages. Consider where you can add strong elements to catch your viewer’s eye, like setting an unusual color for your form titles, play buttons, or song titles.

New and improved Theme Chooser

Our Theme Chooser was upgraded to make it as seamless as possible for any musician to give their website a fresh look and feel. With a new codebase, the Theme Chooser now loads more quickly, giving you a faster view of more templates, along with the chance to quickly preview them with your existing content, before getting into fine-tuning and customization. 

The new Theme Chooser is also more mobile-friendly, and allows you to delete unused themes from the My Themes section – which is good news if you like to switch up your artist branding on your website often!

If you’ve already built your band website but feel it could use an update, this is the perfect chance to try a new theme. Simply head to your Theme editor and choose a new template from one of the categories. These revamped, fully responsive templates will reskin your content, so you can change your design without losing any content. If it doesn’t suit you, just change it back (or try something else!)

Then, be sure to promote your site to your audience so they can follow you – an updated look and feel is a great way to engage your audience with your musical journey.

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