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Every photography business needs a great logo that’ll help it stand apart from the competition and let potential clients know what kind of services you offer. 

Lovia Freelance Wedding Photographer Logo Template 

If you’re a freelance photographer, planning to open your own photo studio, or are looking to rebrand an existing photography business, you need a good logo. 

In this article, we’ll share the best of Envato Elements’ ready-to-use photography logo designs and the best designs from Placeit’s photo logo maker for photography. Unlike free photography logo designs, these premium designs help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

3 Important Components of Photography Logo Designs

First, let’s define exactly what a logo is and what the key components of a photography logo are. 

1. Symbol 

A logo is a symbol that helps identify and promote a business, product, organization, etc. Logos usually take the form of an abstract or illustrative symbol. 

2. Font

Some businesses also use text with a distinct font for their logo. But most companies tend to combine a symbol with text, which makes their logo much easier to remember.

3. Color

Another very important logo component is color. It affects our emotions and behaviors and plays a critical role in designing a successful logo.

The Photography Logo Maker With a Retro Style has a fun, colorful design

Simple, Not Easy

A symbol, font, and color are therefore the three key elements of a photography logo. 

Sounds simple, right? Yes, and no. The best photography logos are incredibly simple in design, but simple logos are anything but easy to design. 

With a premium logo template design, you can make a unique professional logo quickly—one that fits your creative style to represent you well and is super easy for you to personalize. Some of our best photography logo examples can be found on Envato Elements.

Best Photography Business Logo Ideas on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You can find hundreds of the best photography logo design ideas on Envato Elements, with a great offer: download as many as you want for one low price.

Hundreds of the best photography logo design ideas on Envato Elements

5+ Best Photography Logo Design Ideas (From Envato Elements For 2021)

Grab one of these creative and professional photography logo design ideas, customize it to fit your chosen business colors, and you’re ready to go out and market your new photography business!

Here are a few of the best photography logo ideas that are trending on Envato Elements: 

1. Minimalist Photography Logo Pack (PSD)

Do you like the minimalist style? Then you’ll love this pack. This photography logo design bundle comes with 50 different logos to choose from. Use them on business cards, flyers, and every social media platform.

2. Camera Logo Template (AI, EPS)

This creative, modern, and abstract logo template design is 100% vector and fully editable. Easily edit the colors, text, font type, and size. Free photography logos out there fall short in comparison to a premium design like this. 

3. Drone Logo Template (AI, EPS)

Are you starting a new aerial or drone photography business? Don’t waste your time trying to look for suitable free photography logos. This premium and creative aerial photography logo design will definitely impress.

4. Modern Text Photography Logo (AI, EPS, PSD)

Modern Text Photography Logo is a minimalist text photography logo design that’s got a small graphic design along with a larger text font. This puts more focus on the business name or photographer’s name. Get your business name out there with Modern Text Photography Logo, and start signing up customers in no time.

5. Travel Camera Logo Design (AI, EPS)

Are you a professional travel photographer or a travel blogger with loads of beautiful images to share with the world? Here’s an awesome logo design to represent your brand professionally. 

6. Petfoto Photography Logo Idea (AI, EPS, PSD)

Yet another awesome premium logo design! Free photography logos out there won’t impress you the way this premium logo will. Give your pet photography business a creative and cute little logo to stand out from the crowd. 

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements – Unlimited Modern Templates for Logos

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all-inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates (with unlimited use). Get great web themes, modern business logo design templates, and more—all for one low price 

Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets.

That’s right! Download as many professional templates and graphics as you want, and then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

While Envato Elements is a powerful option, if you prefer to design photography business logos using an online logo creator (instead of using popular tools like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign), check out the selection from Placeit’s photo logo maker for photography below.

20 Best Photography Logo Design Ideas (From Placeit for 2021)

Placeit is an easy-to-use online design tool. It can help you create cool photography logos quickly and easily with the Placeit photo logo maker. Here are some examples of the kinds of high-quality photography logo designs that would work well for any photography business.

1. Photography Logo Generator With Geometric Outline

Photography Logo Generator With Geometric Outline

This photography logo design immediately draws the eyes. The metallic colors and geometric figures are minimalist and elegant. The background is a stunning choice. Try the Photography Logo Generator With Geometric Outline.

2. Photography Logo Maker With a Retro Style

Photography Logo Maker With a Retro Style

This is a fantastic photography logo. It’s perfect if you have a retro photography business and want a fun, colorful logo. Your clients will surely remember the Photography Logo Maker With a Retro Style.

3. Wedding Photography Logo Generator

This is a perfect photography logo design for a wedding photographer. The floral touch makes it a romantic logo. Customize the letter and details of this Wedding Photography Logo Generator on Placeit.

4. Outdoors Photographer Logo Maker

Outdoors Photographer Logo Maker

Outdoors Photographer Logo Maker is a bold and direct photography business logo idea that’ll help you create a strong identity for your business and that tells your customers exactly what you do. 

5. Online Logo Template for Professional Photographers

Online Logo Template for Professional Photographers

Online Logo Template for Professional Photographers is a terrific example of a modern photo logo that uses color to focus the eye on the elements of the design that are the most important. You can use this terrific photography business logo idea as it is or tweak it by changing the colors, fonts, and/or the symbol. 

6. Logo Maker to Design a Photography Logo

Logo Maker to Design a Photography Logo

The outstanding feature of this studio photography logo is the beautiful cursive font spelling out the name of the photographer. This is topped by a graphic of a tripod and a shutter. You can modify the template as much or as little as you like by changing any of the elements like the font, color, or graphic. 

7. Wedding Photography Logo Maker

Wedding Photography Logo Maker

If you’re looking for photography logo ideas for a wedding photography business, Wedding Photography Logo Maker is a great choice. It features a gorgeous camera icon with a diamond ring for the lens and viewfinder and an elegant font, all of which you can customize for your own business and taste. 

8. Freelance Photographer Logo Maker

Freelance Photographer Logo Maker

Just because you’re a freelance photographer, that doesn’t mean you don’t need a photography business logo. A logo on your business card or flyer will help potential customers remember who you are and what you do. With its clean graphics and beautiful cursive font, Freelance Photographer Logo Maker is a perfect choice for freelancers. Just add your text, change the colors to match your brand, and you’ve got your own professional logo ready to go.  

9. Logo Maker for Freelance Photographers

Logo Maker for Freelance Photographers

Bring a bit of humour to your business card and other brand materials with Logo Maker for Freelance Photographers. The template features an awesome graphic of a shutter in place of the head on a body. If you like the logo layout but don’t think the icon suits your business style, just swap it out for one of the other icons offered in this template, and then make the usual customizations and you’re good to go.

10. Film & Videography Photographer Logo Maker

Film & Videography Photographer Logo Maker

Film Photographer & Videography Logo Maker offers another beautiful photography logo idea for your photography and videography business. Use the logo maker for photography and videography to change the fonts, colors, and even the graphics, and in a matter of minutes you’ve got a professional photo logo ready to use.

11. Abstract Photographer Logo Generator

Abstract Photographer Logo Generator

Abstract Photographer Logo Generator is a simple modern abstract photography business logo idea that’ll appeal to many different kinds of photo businesses, whether corporate, portraiture, studio, or something else entirely. The template offers a good selection of graphics and fonts so that you can experiment with different combinations to see which works best for you. 

12. Photography Logo Creator

Photography Logo Design Creator is a variation on the above template and gives you an idea of how you can transform templates here with just a change of color, font, and graphic, while keeping the same basic structure. 

13. Food Photography Logo Maker

Food Photography Logo Maker 1196c

If you’re into food photography and are looking for cool photography logos that represent your specialty, you may like Food Photography Logo Maker 1196c, which features a camera shutter icon combined with a stem and leaf to refer to an apple. Use the logo maker for photography to modify the template however you like.

14. Logo Design Template for Photographer

Logo Design Template for Photographer

With its monochromatic color palette, Logo Design Template for Photographer is a great alternative to the food photography logo above. You can add your business details and use the template as is or modify it as much or as little as you like to add your own personal touch. 

15. Photo Studio Logo Maker

Photo Studio Logo Maker

Rebranding your business and looking for a new photography logo? Photo Studio Logo Maker may be just the thing you’ve got in mind with its bold fonts, strong colors, and eye-catching graphics. Just add your own text and modify the colors so they’re consistent with your brand.

16. Photojournalist Logo Design Template

Photojournalist Logo Design Template

With its graphic of a shutter as a meteorite, Photojournalist Logo Design Template has a certain energy and dynamism that make it a perfect photography business logo for photojournalists.

17. Photography Logo Maker for Pet Photographers

Photography Logo Maker for Pet Photographers

Are you a pet photographer looking for awesome photography logos? Photography Logo Maker for Pet Photographers is a great choice for you. It features a light-hearted font and playful graphics of animals.

18. Logo Template for a Classic Photography Studio

Logo Template for a Classic Photography Studio

The Logo Template for a Classic Photography Studio has a retro camera as the focus, as well as some classic fonts. This a simple and effective logo for your photography studio.

19. Logo Maker For a Professional Photographer

Logo Maker For a Professional Photographer

A photography logo design doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. The Logo Maker For a Professional Photographer uses two geometric shapes to achieve a great result.

20. Minimalist Logo Template for a Photo Studio

Minimalist Logo Template For a Photo Studio

If you’re a fan of the minimalist style, this photography logo is for you. The simple and elegant lines are a great center of attention in this Minimalist Logo Template for a Photo Studio.

5 Quick Tips to Create Your Own Photography Logo Online Quickly 

Once you’ve located the perfect logo for your business, you’re going to want to customize it to make it your own. Here are five quick tips for personalizing your template using the Placeit Logo Maker. 

1. Select a Font

Starting with the controls on the left, add your business details and select a font style and color to match your brand. 

Logo Maker to Design a Photography Logo

2. Select Colors That Match Your Brand

Using the controls on the right, change the background color of your logo design as well as the color of your chosen symbol. You can also return to the left side of the logo maker to change the colors of your font.

Select colors

3. Select a Graphic Symbol That Best Represents Your Business

Using the controls on the right, select a graphic that best represents your brand. 

Select a Graphic Symbol

4. Resize & Move the Graphics or Text in Your Logo Design 

If you’re not happy with the changes you’ve made, hit the Reset Layout button to return the design to its original layout. You can keep making adjustments to see what looks best.

Resize Logo Design

5. Take Your New Photo Logo for a Spin

To see just how your logo will look in real-life scenarios, why not try one of Placeit’s awesome mockups.

Logo Mockup

Work With Premium Photography Logo Designs

If you know your way around Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator, Envato Elements is a great site for photography logo ideas, and you can download as many as you want for one great price.

Get unlimited downloads of photography logos from Envato Elements

All files are provided in EPS and/or PSD and are fully editable so that you can change the colors, shapes, text, font types, positions, and sizes easily, without decreasing the resolution quality. 

Sample of Envato Elements Photography Logos

I hope you liked the photography logo designs I’ve shared with you. Now you know how to use Placeit’s logo maker. Before you leave, I’ll share with you even more logo design resources, tutorials, and templates:

Choose Your Photography Logo Today

That’s it for our list of the 25+ best photography logo design ideas from Envato Elements and Placeit’s Photography logo maker

These are just a small selection of the hundreds of awesome photography logos they’ve got available, so if none of the ones featured here quite fit your needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from. So start creating the perfect photography logo for your business today.

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularlyadding new and cool photography logo templates and designs.

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