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2 Minutes to a More Pro Website

January is the perfect time for a super easy touch-up on your website. Here’s a quick video that shows you 4 must-do’s. Don’t worry; you can do them all in 2 minutes or less. Promise.

I’ve demonstrated these for you on Squarespace (7.0 Legacy), but the same rules apply no matter what platform you’re on.

These 4 tips will show you:

The importance of updating your copyright date.

How to get visitors to stick on your site instead of clicking away.

What’s a favicon, where to get one, and where to upload it. If your browser bar looks like this grey box, it screams “AMATEUR!”

How to ensure your site posts the right image in a Facebook thread, instead of some weird, blurry, cropped version.

If you’d like to use a handy snippet of code to automatically update your copyright year instead of remembering to update it manually every January, Kerstin Martin has a great article here with several options to choose from.

I recommend the website to convert your PNG logo into ICO format for your Favicon.

Canva is a great resource for building a custom Social Sharing Logo if you don’t already have an image to use.

And that’s all there is to it—4 quick steps to looking more like the pro you are! Let me know how it goes!

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