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The easiest way to distinguish your brand more recognizable and memorable is your unique logo design – it is the only thing people remember about any brand at first sight. As per our survey, we have noticed one thing people don’t remember that brand or business from they don’t want to buy because of unprofessional logo-design and not updated social media page. It seems like you own an immature business that needs a lot of hard work.

The most important thing any small or medium business should do first is to create a unique and meaningful logo design for your company. It is challenging to choose a professional and successful logo for your brand. Remember that any mistake in your logo can take your business to fall quickly because the logo should convey a professional attitude, trustworthiness, and credibility.

In this blog, we have tried to mention each basic mistake that you should avoid in your logo design. Either you are a brand owner or a graphic designer this will help you in creating the best logo because had a bad experience in design is avoidable but no one can expect to see similar mistakes again so it is important to avoid these mistakes in the future. It is reflecting your business visually so keep it unique, creative, and professional that can lead to more conversions, sales, and traffic to your site.

1. Amateur designer

The biggest mistake is ti relying on an unprofessional and immature designer against you can hire a more professional designer or someone who has experience in designing a logo of your domine. Newly established businesses and small corporate rely on different free logo design websites and amateur designers, the problem is they create the wrong outline logo. Never choose any amateur designer for your logo designing he can’t portray your business in a good way, although you can give him a try if you find any creativeness or he has any drafts that he can show you before. Otherwise, always hire a professional designer for your company that can help you to convey your vision visually.

2. Featuring incorporate trends

Never follow trends in logo designing because trends come and go by times but the logo you design for your business will be with you in a long run. You can’t change your logo designs as per trends. Many big brands and companies have the same logos as before yeah but they reshape them with time but that’s a slight change. They never change their logo’s entire look. It is not sustainable to follow trends especially when it comes to design a logo. Try to build your vision through your logo not just depend on what is in trend because these come and go but your logo sustains. Make in that way you can use the same logo for years, timely you can do minor changes but don’t change it properly if it already working well.

3. Raster images

The raster images are not suitable for logo designs because it gives blocky effects to your logo rather than using it, try vector software this gives strong build to your design. Raster provides a blurry look and it is not scalable, you can’t resize it as per different platforms scaling capacity. It doesn’t look professional when you resize it into print size without losing its quality.

4. Complex design

Many times you heard the same thing; make your logo simple and bold because it can easily memorize and convey the company’s message. Your complex design can create tons of misconceptions and misleads. Your design should be as simple as much as possible, it keeps your company’s voice and vision.

5. Ineffective font

Fonts contain the same importance as graphics have, choosing ineffective fonts just because you think it looks cool rather than thinking about the outcomes that how people will react and read it if it is not clear and bold. poor font choice especially when you are presenting it in a competitive market. Your logo speaks about the nature of your business.

6. Copying competitors

Nothing can ruin your business as faster as copying competitors in designing a logo. Either any national brand or international business because people know them, they have made their place in the market already. Be creative while designing your logo, think about how you can stand out your business among others.

7. Special effects

Topmost 93% of brands in the world out of 100% have a simple, clear, and bold logo is this enough to understand the importance of it. It has shown that people don’t like logos with having special effects filter for example; drop shades, shadows, bevels, glow, lens, etc. The friendly advice is not to use such special effects feature in your logo.

8. Monograms

Well, we have seen many amateur designers simply create monograms for newly established businesses how come you can think of a new startup like “Mike and Valentino tailoring company” that can represent them just their business with just simple M&V? does it show any credibility or the exact work they do? Of course not it means it won’t work for them. Unless a strong graphics that represent their work as they have newly established it.

9. Stop over-communicating

Try not to over-communicate through your logo, give your audience the single message that includes; your motto, your vision, and what you do that s it. Try to combine these things in a row which automatically represent the whole message. Ideally, these three things are enough to communicate in your logo. This is the most essential part if you are over-communicating through your logo then definitely people can’t understand it because it will be difficult to get each message from it then in return they will forget it either your services and products are awesome.

10. Don’t use free images

We have met many business owners who have asked if they can use free images available on google because it easy for them to relocate them. Many times they simply edit to claim that they own this image but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, they can’t build their brand like that. Many times it happens when companies face copyright issues. Never use any free image either you find the same as your goal and vision. Taking help from it something else then directly use it with slight changes.

11. Forget proofing and feedbacks

Never skip this step it is the most essential part before presenting your logo in the market. Remember feedbacks matters a lot, it works like a bridge between your design vs how people are getting it? The proofing step will benefit you in many ways, it will provide sight of how people will react, and then feedbacks of your audience after posting it you will get the picture of how your logo looks.

12. Colors clashing

The more colors you will select for your logo the more difficult it will become for you to manage. Each color has its different feel, some look so smooth, some give bold looks, some have a sharp feel, etc. Yes, using different colors at once in a single logo can ruin your outstanding design because each color has its own chemistry sometimes it becomes difficult to adjust all of them together.

13. Unclear message

In your logo, if graphics, color, and font are not corresponding to each other and ultimately are not supporting your motto and conveying the right message of your business then it is not working for you. What else you need to confirm either it will work in long term or not? Your message should be clear. Your motto should to clear and visible in your logo that’s most important because if it is full of colors and graphics but still your vision is not visible then it is not appropriate to your business.

14. Unadaptable look

The whole game of the digital world is based on adaptability nature nothing works without it. Your logo has to be adaptable enough to stand out, it should adjust to any scale and medium. If you are thinking about designing a complex design let me tell you it does not work like that. Try to make it in a way where you can put it as a symbol, logo, and can print as well.

15. Cliparts in logo

This is quite a basic mistake that even designers are making but I keep saying that never use clipart in your logo. Why I am saying this? Because your logo should have to look professional, clearly convey your mission and motto that you think can stand out. When you use clipart then people only remember clipart only that have you used. Keep your logo a strong voice for your brand. Already you are putting lots of effort into designing it although if you use it then just count how many hours you will spend for clients? It will multiply your efforts because people might not remember your brand as you want after designing a logo.

16. More than two Fonts

The usage of two fonts is acceptable but for more that looks weird, try to avoid this thing in your logo. The standard in the designing industry has set already, use one or two that’s it. Especially try not to use two different fonts have different weight and size. If your font has a sharp contrast and features then think about some huge brand like Nike, Apple, or NASA, etc. have you ever noticed they use the single font in their logo designs because it gives a bold and clear look that’s how the ideal logo design should be.

17. Design a logo for costumers rather than for yourself

Well, we have noticed several times people make a logo according to their likes and dislikes without knowing whom you are addressing. Let’s suppose if they have put complicated fonts, sharp colors, and difficult graphics to understand at a single glance and seems their design is creative then maybe it will not work.

18. Without setting guidelines

If you suddenly think you need a logo for your newly started business and you just brainstorm for it and got aroud 10 to 300 ideas at the time but without figuring out and setting guidelines just stuck with any of your ideas. That’s how you can’t make your logo for your company, firstly set some guildlines what you need to include in your logo and whatnot. Then design your logo accordingly because this can give you the perfect look as per you but does not give you a professional design.

We know this your visual identity is most important it is not limited to just a logo. The logo portrays everything related to your business; your motto, vision, the services and products you sell, and your business credibility. It is the first element people notice about you as much as you make it simple and understandable as much people recognize and memorize it easily.

We tried our best to mention each small to big mistake that we need to avoid while designing a logo. Although the best design will come when you learned it from mistakes or you read such blogs which have written for you people. Designing a logo is not as difficult as it seems but a few points always keep in mind before making it. In fact, a diagram a sketch before designing is also a great idea. Through these procedures, you can make an outstanding logo design that leads you to the highest number of sales and revenue.

Author Bio:

Grace Stewart is a wife, mother, and professional writer by choice. She completed her MBA in English literature from the University of Groningen. Currently, she is a permanent contributor to a Custom Web Designing Agency Los angeles in the US. She loves pets and can’t live without her beloved cat!

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