Today, much of the buying process takes place online before a potential buyer ever inquires about a property. Sites like LoopNet, Zillow, Redfin, CoStar, Trulia, CityFeet, Exceligent, and others allow buyers to search for listings to learn more. In order to be found via these channels, you need an online listing.

Further, every year more users are carrying out this process from mobile devices. This means having mobile-ready and responsive websites is a must in reaching your target audiences.

You’ve invested in great photography that has now been minimized to a couple slots in a flyer template, or ends up in a cheesy program that adds parlor music to a Ken Burns effect slideshow (we all remember the 1990s).

Building a website provides an interactive medium to tell a property’s story. Through displaying great photos, writing compelling copy, and including video into a website, you reap the full benefit of investing in photographers, copywriters, and videographers.

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